Monday, September 15, 2014

UPenn student Zhihao Jiang earns "Best in Session" Award at TECHCON 2014

University of Pennsylvania doctoral student Zhihao Jiang, was recently awarded Best in Session at SRC’s TECHCON 2014 in the Session on System Design Tools for his paper entitled Integrated Functional and Formal Modeling for Closed-loop Evaluation of Medical Device Software. Co-authors of the paper were Miroslav Pajic and Rahul Mangharam.

Their paper introduces a reconfigurable closed-loop testing platform for implantable cardiac devices which is part of their model-based software design framework.
According to co-author Rahul Mangharam: "Software accounts for the most rapid increase in reasons for recalls today.  Tools for rapid safety certification for software in life-critical medical devices are critical to the semiconductor industry. Speedy certification lowers the cost and barriers of entry in the high-margin medical devices industry. "

To read Jiang's award-winning paper or view his associated slide presentation or poster go to

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