Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prabal Dutta Named one of the 'Brilliant Ten' by Popular Science Magazine

TerraSwarm faculty member Prabal Dutta was recently named one of the '2014 Brilliant Ten' by Popular Science Magazine.  Their annual list predicts  "tomorrow's Einsteins, Zuckerbergs and Marie Curies".

Popular Science Magazine explains why he was selected:
Dutta creates tiny sensors that scavenge energy from their surroundings so that they can run forever, ushering in the Internet of Things.
A University of Michigan article provides further detail about his work:
Dutta's technologies scale down to the very small. His architectures are enabling millimeter scale computers, among the tiniest in the world. So-called smart dust could one day be embedded all around us, helping us monitor our environment.

Dutta designs hardware and software for so-called smart dust and larger sensors that don't need batteries because they can harvest energy from the world around them. They can run on power from the light in a room, the magnetic field around an electrical wire, or the heat from a shower head, for example.
To read more about Prabal Dutta's work, go to:

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