Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TerraSwarm Students at UTD Win Second Place in 2015 TI Innovation Challenge

TerraSwarm UTD students, Jian Wu, Zhongiun Tian and Lu Sun, won second place in the highly competitive 2015 Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge for their project entitled “Real-time American Sign Language Recognition Using Wrist-worn Inertial and Surface EMG Sensors”.  Their second place finish, out of a field of 276 competitors, will earn a $7500 cash award. 

Their submission for the contest, a real-time American Sign Language recognition system, combines surface electromyography (sEMG) with a wrist-worn inertial sensor at the feature level. The inertial sensor-based system is capable of capturing hand orientations and hand and arm movements during a gesture while the sEMG measures finger movements and the muscle activity patterns for the hand and arm. Coupling these two systems increases accuracy, thus enabling recognition of a larger vocabulary of signs.

The Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge is an annual contest designed to encourage engineering students to design projects that utilize TI technology.  All designs must incorporate the use of three different TI devises, as well as TI integrated circuits (ICs) and a TI processor.  A panel of judges selects the winners based on originality, creativity, real world application, level of engineering analysis, usage of TI ICs and processors, and a working demonstration video of the design.

See the UTD team’s video submission and read more about the technology they have developed at: .