Friday, May 6, 2016

Article Highlights Software Analysis Tool and Applications in Automotive Industry

A software analysis tool currently in development by TerraSwarm postdoc Armin Wasicek was highlighted in an article "A Secret Tool to Catch the Next VW-Style Emissions Cheat," by David Talbot in the MIT Technology Review.  The team is working on software that uses the data from an operating vehicle including the rate of fuel consumption, RPM, and temperature. This data is compared to the car's standard operating parameters to identify anomalies. In a matter of hours, the software identifies problems that currently take a day or more to diagnose.

The development of this software has explored possible applications in detection of "chip-tuning" within vehicles. The  article explains that it is also likely to have broad applications in automotive emission controls and safety.  As the automotive industry works to address security and develop methods to identify problems within automotive IT systems, this new software is expected to be an important contribution to the field.

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