Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Team Led by TerraSwarm-Funded PI Jan Rabaey Awarded a Two-Year Grant from STARnet

TerraSwarm-funded PI Jan Rabaey and co-principal investigators Ana Arias, Michel Maharbiz, Pieter Abbeel, Jose Carmena, and Bjorn Hartmann, have been awarded a two-year $551,019 grant via the Semiconductor Research Corporation (STARnet's SRC) to develop a first generation Human Intranet.

Conceived to take advantage of the proliferation of connected mobile devices and the resulting data, the Human Intranet is envisioned as an open, scalable, form fitting platform that seamlessly integrates an ever-increasing number of sensor, actuation, computation, storage, communication and energy nodes located on, in, or around the human body acting in symbiosis with the functions provided by the body itself. A heterogeneous power and data network consisting of wired and wireless links provides the communication backbone. 

This project will explore a couple of use cases including hybrid sensory expansion, and enabling higher information output through low-SNR actuation devices (such as pressure sensitive on-skin keyboards). Designed to work within an environment where devices connect to each other and collaborate to fulfill goals, the prototype systems will be built using existing as well as emerging devices.

Possible applications include less invasive medical diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment options; improved treatment outcomes; innovation; and improved communication. 


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