Monday, November 30, 2015

TerraSwarm Funded Researcher Roozbeh Jafari's Group Developing Wearable Technology to Translate Sign Language into Text

Using a system of sensors to record and decode the muscle activity associated with each sign, TerraSwarm funded researcher Roozbeh Jafari's group at Texas A&M University is developing a wearable technology to translate sign language into text. Possible applications include decreased communication barriers for those who use sign language.

The current proof of concept device is able to send the resulting translation from the device to a computer or smartphone using Bluetooth.  The system is designed to learn from its user to accommodate the individual movement of each person. Sophisticated algorithms allow this process of adjustment and are also used to enable real time translation. Going forward the team hopes to develop a smaller device that can be worn as a watch, add a synthetic voice, and  translate full sentences rather then individual signs. 

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