Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TerraSwarm Teams are Top Performers at Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition

Microsoft held an Indoor Localization Competition at IPSN 2015 / CPS week in Seattle.  The goal of the competition was to bring together real-time or near real-time indoor location technologies and compare performance.  Submissions were divided into two categories: infrastructure-based, ie. systems that need to deploy custom hardware (30 submissions) and infrastructure-free (17 submissions). Two of the top four teams that competed were TerraSwarm performers (CMU and UMich). 

In the Infrastructure-based category, CMU fielded the top team (“ALPS: AN Ultrasonic Localization Systems”, Lazik et al.), beating out 29 other competitors. The University of Michigan placed third (“Exploring State of the Art Commercial Localization”, Campbell et. al.).

For more information about the competition, including a slide deck of final results and the full evaluation data, go to:

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