Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TerraSwarm PI Carlos Guestrin's Analytic Software Startup Changes Name from GraphLab to Dato

According to enterpriseappstoday.com and geekwire.com, open-source analytic software startup GraphLab has been renamed Dato.  In addition to rebranding itself, Dato has also raised an additional $18.5 million in Series B funding bringing their total capital investment raised so far to $25.5 million.

Dato's product lets developers build apps with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that automatically scale and tune so that a software creator can easily take their product from a proof of concept to a fully functional app.

TerraSwarm PI Carlos Guestrin, co-founder and CEO of Dato, told Enterprise Apps Today:
"While we began life as a graph analytics open source project, the underlying engine has morphed a couple of times, adding significant innovations for the handling and analysis of tabular data as well as text and images."

"Dato calls the tabular data structures SFrames", explained Guestrin, noting that they provide a significant performance advantage over alternatives in computational scale. "For advanced machine learning, Dato offers a deep learning module which enables highly accurate recognition of images." 
"The list really goes on, and our new name is apt to fit both our current and planned solution enhancements. Dato literally means 'unique data item' in Portuguese and Spanish, my native languages."
The Enterprise Apps Today article explains: There is a direct intersection between Dato's tools and the growing market for Big Data solutions, and in particular Hadoop. According to Guestrin, Dato supports all data types, including tables, graphs, images or text and can access data for analysis whether it resides on a laptop, or in a file system, a database, Hadoop distribution or a private/public cloud environment.

Dato already has some high-profile users: Zillow, Adobe and Paypal.
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