Thursday, October 16, 2014

TerraSwarm PI Kevin Fu on the FDA's Medical Device Cyber Security Guidelines

TerraSwarm PI Kevin Fu (University of Michigan) was recently interviewed about the FDA’s newly released guidance on medical device cyber security for an article in MD+DI Online. Fu, who has been an advocate of tightening up the cyber security of medical devices, says the new FDA recommendation will provide necessary consistency in cyber security and help the industry make more secure devices.
In the article Fu is quoted:
“The guidance will help stop the bleeding. However, the guidance falls short on system engineering. Historically, medical devices were simple, stand-alone components. Now they are complex interacting systems. Security problems tend to come from unexpected emergent properties when different devices interact, and this context begins to fall outside of FDA's Congressional remit.” 
He warns: “Some of the guidance on passwords may lead to a false sense of security. It's a constantly evolving science, and I think passwords are fundamentally flawed.”
To read the entire article, please visit: Researcher: FDA CyberSecurity Guidance Will Help ‘Stop the Bleeding.

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