Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TerraSwarm Roboticist Vijay Kumar Talks about Swarming UAS

TerraSwarm Roboticist and University of Pennsylvania Professor, Vijay Kumar, delivered the final keynote address at AUVSI's  Unmanned Systems North America last week.  His talk about Swarming UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) was highlighted on the AUVSI website and reported in Robotics Tomorrow eMagazine.

Kumar was quoted in the article:
"Small flying robots can move faster than humans and other types of robots in some situations, such as in surveying buildings after an earthquake or other disaster. You can put these things together and build a 3-D map of a collapsed building without actually entering the building." 
"There are many technological challenges in developing such swarms. The robots don’t necessarily need to be very intelligent to do it; they just need to know where they are and what some of the other robots are doing."
According to Kumar, one of the biggest challenges in developing such swarms is power consumption. To read more about these challenges and some of the work his students are doing, read the full article, Swarming UAS are the Future Researcher Kumar Says:

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