Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Professor Carlos Guestrin talks about the new 'Big Data' Ph.D. track at UW

Carlos Guestrin, a TerraSwarm faculty member and a professor of Machine Learning, was interviewed for an article written March 5, 2014 about the new 'Big Data' Ph.D. track being offered at the University of Washington.  The five departments participating in the track include computer science and engineering, statistics, astronomy, oceanography, and chemical engineering. Students in the program will take courses in data management, data visualization, statistics, and machine learning, as well as the degree requirements laid out by their home department.
According to Guestrin, the amount of data being generated today has resulted in a growing demand for data scientists in all fields. He's quoted in the article: 
"Data scientists are integral in everything from Netflix’s individualized movie recommendations to the growing field of personalized medicine. It’s about creating better services and systems that can learn and understand our desires.”
To read the entire article, go to "UW Offers New Big Data Ph.D. Track": http://dailyuw.com/archive/2014/03/05/science/uw-offers-new-big-data-phd-track#.Ux8lQuddUTE

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